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Seizure Diaries: Approaching Surgery

Hey Everyone,

Well this month started OK with only a few seizures, but by the last week of August it was seizure filled.

The neurologists have bumped me ahead for the next series of tests to see the Neurosurgeon is right for me. I am currently slated to have lots of electrical wire probes inserted into my head on August 31st. That day I will also have to have an MRI and Cat Scan. Towards the end of that day I have an appointment with an Anesthesiologist.

I just finished phase #2 of a test that the neurologists wanted me to go through at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. The first and second phases were each two part Neuro-Psychological exams. These test are designed to determined how my memory is functioning. They want to pin-point where they see any hyper-electrical issues, which could impact where they will possibly by implanting the Neuropace device. They also want to qualify me as someone who is “up for the psychological aspects” of having the implant.

My Neurologist is contemplating removing me from a bunch of the seizure meds that I am on now. When the medicine doses and mix have been messed with in the past, my condition has deteriorated dramatically, so I am pessimistic that it will be any different this time around.

I do not know when or if I am getting the implant but, they have seen me as a unique case. (Is that an honor? Really?) Hopefully, we will find out what they determine very soon!

Love you all,