Witness Post: Hang Loose in the Saddle

Do you ever feel so uptight that you think you will explode?  Are you able to relax your mind, and your shoulders, and breathing so that you quickly calm down?  Do you randomly drive by and spot something on the sidewalk that distracts you from your stress and makes you laugh?

I can answer yes to all of the above and start with the last question first.  The other day, I was stressed about an exam I had failed and worried that it would impact the next six months if not years ahead.  Suddenly I spotted a toy horse, which was attached via wire to a lacrosse ball sized ring.  The ring looked like something you would attach your horse to, if you were visiting the neighbors nearby.


When I got home my wife reminded me of her latest favorite expression: “Hang loose in the saddle.”

I decided that in many ways there was no use worrying about what might happen, because most of it never happens at all.  Besides, if the cowboys were successful chewing on a stalk of straw and hanging loose with wild west critters all around them, why shouldn’t I?

Good question.

Plus, Woody, from Toy Story was helping spread the word of the Horse Project in Portland, then it was time for me to lighten up.


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