Kachina: Owl

Similar to the stealth-like, nocturnal bird they represent, the Owl Kachina is beneficial to agriculture, because he destroys harmful rodents. The owl symbolizes intelligence and wisdom and brings hope of a good hunt. The Owl Kachina appears in the Mixed Dances throughout the seasons.

Best known for his interactions with the Clown Dancers, the Owl Kachina carefully watches the Clown Dancers, looking for poor behavior, which it can admonish with strong disapproval. When the Clown Dancers are finished performing, the Owl Kachina whips them with yucca blades to punish them.

Similar to the Blue Whipper, the yucca branches also bring purification and redemption to the dancers in the ceremonies. The owl head is adorned with deer fir and owl feathers, which are punctuated with bulging eyes and a sharp beak.