Map of Procrastination

Word Smith: Procrastination Rap

Mid-term grades? Get to work …

Essay’s late, teacher’s a jerk

Poor test scores? Close the doors …

To life. Why the strife?

Confusion only dulls the knife.

Flagging GPA’s bleed no red

Yelling, sure does hurt my head.

Brains all over the map,

Caught in a mental trap.

Just put it off, who’s to blame? Damn console, play the game.

I’m numb, bored, lazy and ignored

Excuses? I got millions.

Netflix is streaming ‘Billions.’

Pressure? I’m at my best.

Time left to take a rest.

So screw it — I just don’t want to do it!

Last minute heroics always work.

Why change?

Chicken nuggets on the range.

They’re just words:


Echos, screams, exaltation


Tears, schemes, who cares for memes?


It’s only high school, I got plenty of time.

Mental citation

Awards escape my head. How long til bed?


Stupid SAT words I will never use —


Why should I feel second rate?

Everyone else submitted late!

So, get off my back.

It’s not cremation

No one died.

Besides, you see,

It hurts no one, but me.

Take a chill pill …

I know my skill.

Hit on social — flip the screen

Drink some caffeine.

Swipe right, swipe left

No fear of mental theft

Swipe left, swipe right

My sanity is taking flight.

Time now for the

Final temptation: