Daniela, Stephanie, Adamari, and Evelyn Anguiano






Camp’s stated vision: Offer the Anguiano children in Seaside, Oregon a meaningful morning and/or afternoon educational experience, while their parents are working.  The experiences should be measured, cataloged, and positively remembered after the summer has ended and school has begun.  They should also be close enough to Seaside and Clatsop County to “stay local” for the summer.



Day Trips:


  • Rainy day trip to Seaside Aquarium, visit the new baby seal tank.
  • Visit Cannon Beach Art Galleries: Northwest by Northwest, DragonFire, and Modern Villa Galleries.  Speak with the curator, ask them about the artists in their gallery.  Learn from the curator what is unique and wonderful about their select artists.  Decide which piece you like best.
  • Haystack Rock Puffin and Wildlife Observation station; bring binoculars to Cannon Beach; write a list of the wildlife you identify; and talk to the volunteers.
  • Astoria Column with balsa wood gliders as send off mementos.
  • Attend a Sunday Mass Service at local Seaside Catholic Church.



  • Lewis & Clark National Parks, Warrenton Trip.  See the Visitors’ Center, watch the historical movies.  Go out to see the replica of Fort Clatsop and the dug-out canoe exhibit on the adjacent creek.
  • See the Saltworks exhibit in Seaside, where members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition boiled sea water to make salt for their trip back to St. Louis.
  • Visit the Roosevelt Elk reserve, in Mist, Oregon, and identify the does, bulls, and fawns.
  • Explore by canoe the John Day River as it enters the Columbia River, near Astoria.
  • Go to the Seaside Public Library and read a book cover to cover.  Read to each other.


IMAG1113  IMAG1107  IMAG1106




  • Saddle Mountain, 17 miles east of Seaside
  • Fort to Sea Trail, Fort Clatsop to Sunset Beach
  • Short Sand Beach Hike south of Arch Cape
  • Neahkahnie Mountain, near Manzanita, OR
  • Walk along the Seaside “Prom” and the Gearhart “Ridge Path” which are both full of human history


Camp – Day Activities:


  • Build a fort out of driftwood near Little Beach in Gearhart
  • Paint sand dollars into Christmas Ornaments for sale at the Gearhart Ocean Inn
  • Plant corn, flowers, squash and tend the plants all summer long, until harvest
  • Write in journal daily
  • Look Up squash blossom recipe
  • Cook squash blossom flowers and eat them
  • Prepare lunches and snacks for the day
  • Plan ingredients for Pesto (vegan and cheese versions) and make them ready for freezing
  • Write poems on paper plates and hang them at a local restaurant in Seaside
  • Visit Dennis’ Seven Dee’s and name 25 plants you did not know before




  • Keep a bird list, flower list, and license plate list for the summer
  • Make sandwiches for lunches and filter the water for the day
  • Read junior great books out loud to each other: Gaston, by William Saroyan; The Rocking-Horse Winner, by DH Lawrence.
  • Write for 10 minutes every day of class starting from: word lists and starter sentences
  • Play washer toss for hand-eye coordination and fun with score keeping
  • Math facts in the car using multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction for age appropriate child learning.
  • Set up g-mail accounts for the children to communicate with each other and the teacher




Though I have no specific training in ESL techniques, I am sensitive to non-native speakers.  Nearly all of the time, we will be speaking English.  Even the non-native students will be expected to have a dictionary or thesaurus handy.  I always encourage them to try out new words. 

I have given them a personal journal and I want the children to write, write, write.  I am looking at thoughtful volumes of writing, to get them in the mood of taking their time, and putting their thoughts, no matter how simple, down on paper.  I am not spending time on spelling, though I will spell it if they try and are stumped.  I want them to be just getting comfortable with pen in hand, writing.


Areas of Focus:


 IMAG1109  IMAG1100

·         Looking for Voice


      Vocabulary – up to 10 new words each day.

A   Age Appropriate tasks – working with girls on tasks that match their maturity and sophistication. 

      FUN – making sure that the games and learning are fun and short (10 minutes sections) to keep the days interesting.

·         Organization – spending time thinking before starting the writing sessions

      Math Facts drills – challenge the girls without threatening them.  Work on fun and speed with numbers, while doing calculations in their heads (trying to avoid finger counting).

·         Voice – starting out in first person, asking them to start personally.  Moving to narrative and fiction at end. 

      Allowing girls to sing, bird call, cow moo, to get their ear attuned to different sounds (e.g. call of the loon or the bull elk)

·         Revision – they are asked to rewrite and edit up to five times until it feels right











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