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Implanting a Neuropace device

Seizure Diaries: Home Care

I brought Charlie home today. I picked him up from Penn State Hershey Medical Center and he transferred with some nursing help from the wheel chair to the front passenger seat pretty well.

I had a scare, however, when we got home. I got him out of the car OK, but within his first step he had no balance at all. His legs were buckling at the knees and giving out. I was not sure what to do, since he is such a big guy compared to me. So I wrapped my arms around his waist and supported him. I yelled to my neighbor for help. He happened to be home and came running.

We were able to get Charlie inside, even though he was pretty much dead weight. He slept most of the afternoon. He is still in recovery mode. He is awake now, if anyone would like to give him a call. The Neurosurgeon told me that from what the team of doctors could tell he had some good news: they are planning to operate and put in the RNS Neuropace implant. That’s the greatest news.


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I am going to stay home with Charlie for the next day or so.

Much love to all of you,