A Real Header, Concussion

Seizure Diaries: Header

Hi, everyone. I’ve been trying to get an update on Charlie’s health. I have been talking to Steph over the past few days. This past Wednesday, Charlie was downstairs by himself and he had a seizure. He fell, hitting his head hard on the floor. The thud was loud enough for Steph to hear it from upstairs in the master bedroom.

Despite Steph’s best efforts, Charlie was unresponsive for a long time, so she called 911. An ambulance arrived and took him to the closest ER. His brain wasn’t scanned. His carbamazepine level was low (he was just about to take his morning meds, when this happened), so his dose was increased and he was sent home. 

Steph and I spoke Wednesday evening. She reported that Charlie was still very sleepy and complaining of a bad headache. On Thursday, she took him to York Hospital, where Charlie had a CT scan, neck x-rays and a thorough work-up. The York Hospital docs diagnosed him with a severe concussion. Steph has been with him since then.

Charlie has slept, taken his meds, and has drunk lots of fluids at Steph’s insistence, but is having the same tough time he did with his previous concussion several years ago. Steph has doctors’ visits with his PCP and Neurologist set up for early next week. She’s with him, being the amazing caregiver she is, and is doing all the right things. At this point there’s very little to do but watch and wait. I’m sure his neurologist will want him to have some therapy eventually if his post-concussion symptoms persist, but for now, Steph is helping him stay the course.

Thanks for keeping both of them in your prayers.

Millie LaFontaine