Seizure Diaries: CAT Scan & Possible Implant

Seeking an Epilepsy Solution

Hey Everyone,

Well this month started out OK, but it quickly slipped to become seizure filled. I am glad that my son, Ian, was out of the area, so that he did not have to see me go through all of those episodes.

I just finished phase #2 of a test that the neurologists want me to go through at Penn State Hershey Hospital.

Both phases, have been a two part Neuro-Psychological exam. This exam will determine how my memory is functioning. And, God willing, they will pinpoint when and where they see any seizure issues. The decision will be where and when the doctors will be implanting what is called a Neuropace device. That is a critical aid to epileptics like me. I have my fingers crossed for an implant.

The doctors have bumped me ahead of schedule. They want me to see the Neurosurgeon on August 31, 2016. That day I will also have to have an MRI and CAT Scan. Towards the end of the day I will also have an appointment with an Anesthesiologist.

I do not know when or if I am getting the implant but, they see me as a unique case. My Neurologist is also contemplating taking me off a bunch of the seizure meds that I have been taking. The last time they did that, I had a bad string of Grand Mal seizures! Hopefully, we will find out what the doctors recommend for my meds soon!

Love to all,