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Seizure Diaries: Add in a Migraine

Well, I haven’t reported in lately. I was hoping for some good news, but I have little to tell you. I recently found out that along with my seizures, I am dealing with a new wave of migraine type headaches. As a drum roll to seizure these days, I start with a headache. As it progresses into a migraine, I know that I am going to have a seizure. I just don’t know exactly when.

I had previously thought that all of those childhood migraines were over with. The last time I remember having a wave of migraines was back in my early teens. This time around I had to go see another Neurologist, who specializes in headaches. The sad fact is that it took me over a year to get an appointment with this particular headache neurologist. I had to get a special referral from one of my regular neurologists. Headaches can be a major part of on either side of seizures: a precursor of the coming episode and a pounding after affect of the seizure. Sometimes it is hard to know which is worse.

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At this point the total number of seizures is coming down gradually, so that I have fewer per month. I have pushed out my typical doctors’ visits so that I am seeing my seizure specialist now every other month. Since I have seen the headache neurologist, she has prescribed for me two more medicines: one deals with headaches and the other with anxiety. The second med conflicts with another anxiety pill I take. We saw the family doctor and he has me gradually going off that conflicting anxiety med.

This coming Wednesday I am going to see both Neurologists an hour apart. By Friday I hope that they will have reviewed all of my meds so that I can come off any conflicting medications.

As I have come to expect, I still have headaches every so often. Thank God for small blessings,