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Poem: When a Full Moon


When a full moon appears, the night

Is plump and full of cheers.

People feel blessed by the light and prepare

For the month ahead.


Even if others are skeptical of good

Times and the often scarce supply of food

Do not fret. Good times are still to come.


As aspects of the month become heavy

The yolk is heavy, the child is heavy, the maiden is heavy

The lack of food makes you light.

The hungry lizards and snakes and frogs

You must fend off.


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You will rise with the moon

Even if the snakes bite your heels and pull you down by day

The night is on your side.

Frogs croak, salamanders slither, snakes sleep

You are the king of the night, your vision is bright with me

And the coyote and wolf howl

At your successes and the owl hoots

Its approval of the month that is upon you

The blessings will soon flow.


Our moon god says so.