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Poem: People of Cedar and Sea


What wonders the world we live in

Such riches amidst the cedar trees

We gather together to harvest the snag

And celebrate with canoes to sail the seas.


The ocean is abundant with the mighty salmon

Whose fate is to return to spawn and die

With their bones and eyes devoured by beasts

While their seeds in the shallows lie.

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Cedar trees, what things we make:

Canoes, paddles, stern, keel, house planks, cordage, baskets and clothing.

Travel, housing, papoose, protection from the elements, fear and loathing.

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Food from the sea:

Salmon, shellfish, sturgeon, lamprey eel,

Dungeness crab,  and lots of marine mollusks to peel.

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Food from the land:

Snails, limpets, camas, tarweed seeds, roots, acorns, and berries.

Elk, deer, otter, seals, beaver, weasel, duck, duck, goose.