Prong-Horn Antelope Kachina

Kachina: Antelope

The Antelope Kachina is typically modeled on the Prong-Horn Antelope of the Great Plains, which are one of the swiftest mammals in North America. Like most animal Kachinas, the Antelope dances to increase the number of antelopes in the region. Similar to the Deer Kachina, the Antelope Kachina also aids in bringing rain, making the grass grow and germinating seeds, ensuring there is plentiful food for the future. Also he is a healing kachina, however, he is not as powerful as the Bear Kachina nor the Badger Kachina.



The poles in the hands of the dancer look like ski poles, but they represent the forelegs of the animal in the dances. The antlers are supposed to be reminiscent of the Prong Horn antlers of the live male antelope.