Pewter Zarf with Handle

While reading in the leisure section of the New York Times, I came across the word zarf. The woman was drinking from a zarf. I had never heard the word before and decided to look it up. Zarf (noun – singular). The plurals are zarfs, zuruuf, zarves. It is a holder for a hot liquid that is poured into a glass. The zarf holder is usually made of ornamental metal, like silver, pewter, gold or brass.

Most zarfs are usually made without a separate handle, but some have a stylistic handle as well. Smaller than the typical coffee cup or mug, a zarf holds the equivalent of a demitasse or fincan.[1]

3 thoughts on “Word Smith: Zarf

  1. In honor of the English student tradition of using a vocabulary word in a sentence: “While most zarfs may be made of silver, pewter or brass, I’m inclined to prefer that mine be made of gold.”

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