Word Smith: Indian Summer, American Style

It is impossible to be politically correct, respectful and honest all of the time. No matter what you say today, it seems, someone will hate you or be thoroughly offended by what you say. No one is satisfied with partial answers. However, partial answers, if meant to reveal deeper truths, are better than lies.

Below are some pictures of great and small Native American Indians. Their ancestors were living in what is now called American long before any of the pale-faced Caucasians arrived on the continent.

The pictures below are not posted as social commentary, but rather for thoughtful reflection and introspection …

Indian Summer

“Pictures are worth a thousand words … ”

Question: Is that Indian with a Dot or a Feather?

Crow,_White_BearAnswer: Feather

Answer: Dot

More Expressions with American Indian Focus


Indian Summer

220px-Navajo_Girl,_1941Indian Princess

mohawk-indian-giverIndian Giver

Indian-PaintbrushIndian Paintbrush

indy-downtownIndian Apolis

blackfoot_chief_bodmerIndian Chief

cowboys-and-indiansCowboys & Indians

blackfoot_on_horsebackIndian Horseman

piegan-blackfootIndian Family Portrait

flat,550x550,075,fIndian Bride

Chief Kia-E-Te-Nita in Native Dress with Squash Blossom Necklace and Silver Concha Belt - 1908Indian Brave

indian-reservation-squalor-shanty-hut-hovels-poor-poverty1-1Indian Reservation

SerpTrlMormnTea8Indian Tea

taos_pueblo1333774614560Indian Pueblo

Band - jemezIndian Ceremonials

x85.2.829Indian Papoose

Jem tablitaIndian Headdress

CorncobsIndian Corn

george-catlin-iowasIndian War Paint

JB Crow Indian with Peace PipeIndian Peace Maker

Cool-NEW-Indian-Motorcycle-at-the-Southeastern-Nationals-by-CarolinadougIndian Motorcycle

Canyon 2Indian Corn Silo

Time 10Indian Petroglyphs

barranca 2Indian Runner

Band 3Indian Cliff Dwelling

Band 7Indian Kiva

Band - mesaIndian Village

Band - zuni 2Indians Posing

Band potIndian Pottery

Jem 3Indian Warrior

Jem potIndian Storyteller

Jem 4Indian Dancers

Jem k 8Indian Eagle Dancer

Jem k 10Indian Kachina

Jem k 12Indian Parade

Jem kidsIndian School

dsc_0228_2chicoIndian Drum

bataplainsmoccasinIndian Moccasin

chaco-canyon-doorways-4-carl-amothIndian Ruins

h_312-indian-trading-postIndian Trading Post

Navajo Indian BlanketIndian Blanket

Cheyenne indian pow wow dance - Montana ca.1890Indian Pow-wow

220px-Atsidi_SaniIndian Silversmith

Big nm 13Indian Sandpainting

Big nm 11Indian Medicine Man

Dome 21Indian Statue

IMAG0858Indian Friends

The professor, Robin Wall Kimmerer, is an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi. On the notion of Indian Giving she explains: “the expression … derives from a fascinating cross-cultural misinterpretation between an Indigenous culture operating in a gift economy and a colonial culture predicated on the concept of private property. When gifts were given to the settlers by the Native inhabitants, the recipients understood that they were valuable and were intended to be retained. Giving them away would have been an affront. But the Indigenous people understood the value of the gift to be based on reciprocity and would be affronted if the gifts did not circulate back to them. Many of our ancient teachings counsel that whatever we have been given is supposed to be given away again.

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