Shadow 02

Tales from the Camino: Shadows

Every morning that bright sun shone on our backs, we posed for a portrait. The cloudy days we got skunked, but nearly every day for three weeks, we came upon an astonishing image of our shadow. It created a magical silhouette on the roads, sidewalks, walls, or paths of the Camino. The Way was full of surprises and we made the most of it.

Of equal interest to the shadows was the shade. It was here, under the forest tree cover that we found relief  on the hottest of days. With the shadows to cool the air and breezes to pass through sky, the bugs went away, the sweat dried from our brow, and the day seemed to start and end better.

Some days we had shadows for just the photographer, others for our quartet and a visitor. People moved in and out of our shadows with their own rhythm. The pictures did not seem to fit into the other Camino categories, necessarily so we post them here to help catalogue our walk and recall the sun first from Madrid, and then from St. Jean Pied de Port, France, to Leon, Spain.

Enjoy these images below.

Three Shadows by Rodin