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Kachina: Crow Mother

The Crow Mother (Angwusnasomtaka) is the maternal leader of the Whipper Kachinas. She is the Crow Bride (Angwushahai-i) on Third Mesa, with the “bride” name coming from her talking and singing as she comes dressed all in white. On the other mesas she is simply the Crow Mother. Many Hopi people consider her to be the mother of all Kachinas.

She supervises the initiation of the children into the Katsina Society and carries the yucca whips with which they are struck by the Hu Katsina. She leads other Kachinas into the village during the Bean Dance (Powamuya) bearing in her arms a basket of corn kernels and bean sprouts to symbolically start the new season properly. The Crow Mother appears during the Bean Dance on all three Hopi mesas.[1]


Other than the few feathers atop her head and the ties on the bundle of whips she is completely carved. This Crow Mother carries wooden whips (which were carried by the katinasm from Old Oraibi).

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