Door 38

Finland: Doors of Helsinki

The many doors of Helsinki are continuously fascinating to those of us with keen attention to this design detail. We visited the capitol city in the middle of March, and the importance of doors was ever-present. They provide the easy access and egress, and they keep in the warmth and keep out the constant cold of the freezing temperatures and fierce winds. As we walked around Helsinki, from the government facilities to the private homes, the various door styles were on proud display.

Below are some of my favorites. They are not intended to be all inclusive. These are the ones that struck me, as I walked around the city center on our trip to visit schools in the region.

The doors of Helsinki seem to stand for pride, durability, protection, nobility, safety, tradition, welcome and security. The images may instill other emotions in viewers as they do for me. Let me know what feelings are inspired by these images. Who knows where those feelings will take us: from the sublime to the whimsy?

To leave with larger images of two of my favorites doors. They each have special treats inside:

Door 47