Leno Pugh made house calls during the Pandemic
Leno Pugh is certified as a Personal Trainer by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and he is a gift to us. During the Pandemic, one of his primary corporate clients closed its campus to on-site workers. So Leno made house calls to his former clients. Leno's guidance gave us a much needed break from our sedentary habits. We had been cooped-up and packing on the Covid-calories. Since March of 2020, Leno has been a consistent health and exercise partner. He has also nursed me through lots of ailments (sciatic nerve damage, rotator cuff problems, hip flexor issues, etc.) that accompany life-long athletes. 

As Leno says, "I am passionate about helping others realize the tremendous benefits of flexibility and movement in their regular exercise and workouts." He has clients at the West Hills and Mountain Park Racket and Fitness Clubs. We first met him at an exercise room connected with River's Edge hotel in Portland and we lost track of him, when we moved from the neighborhood. Tracy ran into Leno at Fred Meyer's one day and asked if he were still working with private clients. He said , "Yes, I am working with clients in their basements and garages." We signed up and the rest is history.
Leno brings the gym with him!

Leno’s childhood mentor was John Kimbrough, who had been a multisport athlete at Central High in Mobile, Alabama. Kimbrough went on to be a genuine star at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. [1] After his college success he played for many seasons in the National Football League. In his career Kimbrough played for the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, and New England Patriots. He is now a musician, using his vocal music interests to share his many talents.

Leno said he was proud to follow in John Kimbrough’s scholar-athlete footsteps. “I applied for and earned a scholarship to play football and run track for the Huskies of St. Cloud,” just like his mentor.

Leno grew up in a large extended family in Mobile. He is the oldest son and was a star athlete in his own right at Central High School. Leno and his six brothers and sisters lived with their parents upstairs from a music venue, where jazz played every night. The rhythm and blues from every era are in his bones. When we play music from Pandora during our morning workouts, Leno often correctly guesses the artist by name and the year of the hit, which is astonishing to me. He also collects the ones he likes by saying, “I need that one for my client work out on Mondays. Let me write that down!”

Leno is quick to help train young athletes, working at seasonal basketball and football camps in Portland or Mobile, returning to his high school across the country, whenever a coach reaches out for help.

The hand-made sign, “Leno on the Loop,” announces that Leno Pugh is open for business to all those who want a personal workout. And the marketing message is out to all, whether you drive on the Fairmount Loop of not. Start your workout with a pro, who will meet you at Dunaway Park or at your residence.

Also worth noting, Leno is a master of all things healthy: he recommends the best natural elixirs from Portland Juice Co., CBD oil rubs for sore muscles, cryotherapy treatments at Restore, and other regular habits for feeling younger and rejuvenated. We appreciate his whole-body-health perspective so much. His recommendations have changed our lives.

Thank you, Leno!


[1] https://scsuhuskies.com/honors/hall-of-fame/john-kimbrough/36